Update 1.2 Now live on Steam, Sony and Xbox

Brawlers! Update 1.2 is now live on Steam, Sony, and Xbox! Update 1.2 and our future 1.3 update with larger gameplay and QoL updates will be releasing separately from Switch while the team looks to synchronize future patch releases. We appreciate your patience on 1.2 and stay tuned for news on updated Switch timing!

Update 1.2 notes:


General improvements on loading times for Switch
Switch – Performance improvements
Tweaks on ultimates against mobs in campaign mode.
Training Mode Triple Platform collisions tweaks
Characters can no longer slip off platforms without getting hit.
SDI value now resets on multihits.
Edge roll cancel on frame 5 was removed entirely
Fixes and tweaks to reflective hitboxes.
Companions no longer count as a death in campaign mode.
Flying Dutchman no longer clips on the Flying Dutchman stage during cutscenes.
Slime Charge attacks no longer have a knockback multiplier, only damage multiplier.
You can now pummel characters with the grab button.
Leaving a rank match while in the loading screen won’t change your current rank points.
You can now map the movement buttons for keyboard players.
Ranked loading and matchmaking improvements.
Zoom in camera speed was incremented

Training Mode

Training mode frame by frame is now the first option in the menu
Training mode pause delay removed.


Announcer Fight voice was added to vs matches
3, 2, 1 Game voice line volume lowered.
Gir’s voice pitch tweaks.
Harmonic’s convergence ambient SFX lowered


Reptar’s Toy Car rotation on dropped tweaked


Random competitive stages button now only randomizes competitive stages.
Azula and Reptar Campaign Power Ups description was fixed.
Turning hitboxes on and off won’t make the HUD disappear.


Patrick can’t get stuck while holding a player during forward special.


Ember lose VFX was adjusted correctly.
Ember edge grab animation time standardized.


Jenny special up slime now gives you a bit of fuel and has faster speed.

Grandma Gertie

Gertie teeter special up is now more consistent.
Gertie’s Cooking Pot now deals explosive damage.
Gertie’s special forward now clamps the speed after hitting or slime cancel.
Gertie’s Special Neutral Tint now disappears after respawning.


Jimmy Special Down VFX tweaked so it follows the character.

Mecha Plankton

Mecha Plankton Charge Forward Air slime cancel now clamps your current velocity.

Danny Phantom

Special Up now has a clamp on his velocity after using special up.

El Tigre

El Tigre special forward can’t slime cancel during opposing character grabbed state


Charge Air Forward Hold landing lag increased from 20 to 25
Charge Air Forward Release landing lag increased from 23 to 30
Charge Air Forward Fireball hurtbox and hitbox adjusted to make hitbox smaller and hurtbox bigger
Charge Air Forward Fireball speed slightly reduced
Charge Air Forward Fireball distance slightly reduced
Light Air Up angle changed to 75 for both hitboxes
Light Air Up hitbox reduced slightly
Light Air Up not reversible anymore


Tail hurtbox slightly extended.
Jab 1 and 2 active frames reduced from 6>9 to 6>8
Jab 3 and 4 active frames reduced from 6>9 to 6>7
Ftilt active frames reduced from 10>18 to 10>16. Weak hit starts 1 frame sooner.
Ftilt strong hit BKB reduced from 13.5 to 13 & KBG reduced from 16.5 to 16.
Utilt range slightly reduced.
Fair range slightly reduced.
Fair damage reduced from 17/15 to 15/13.
Uair adjusted, reaches slightly less forward.
Uair early and late hits angle reduced from 60° to 50°.
Uair damage reduced from 14 to 12.
Bair active frames on 2nd hit reduced from 16>19 to 16>18. Landing recovery increased from 11f to 12f. Auto cancel frame delayed from 31 to 32.
Bair damage reduced from 8/8 to 7/7.
Nair’s early hit angle was reduced from 45° to 40°, medium from 65° to 55° and late from 85° to 70°. Damage reduced from 16/13/10 to 14/13/10.
Special neutral landing recovery increased from 7f to 10f.
Special down charge in air now has 10 frames landing recovery.


Neutral Special damage reduced from 5 to 3


Fire Nair Block stun reduced from 6 to 5
Fair KBG reduced from 19 to 17.5

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