Power Up

Power up your chosen brawler with unique upgrades like the ability to freeze opponents, fire homing projectiles, or empower your attacks to face increasingly challenging levels across campaign mode.


Get Rewards

Unlock the ability to play as your favorite characters by challenging them during campaign mode, unlock powerful upgrades like extra lives, your hub-world, trophies, cosmetics, and more!


Your way to play

Hone your skills in an advanced training mode, play mini-games like whack-a-bot and pop the balloons, face off foes in a boss rush or speed run arcade mode in many ways to play!

New Feature

Platform fighting redefined

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2's single and multiplayer gameplay has been completely revamped, from new movement and defensive abilities to a special new mechanic to the platforming genre, Slime!

Use slime to power up your special abilities, escape combos, cancel your attacks, and unleash your characters special SUPER combo - a cinematic ability unique to each character!