Patch 1.10 Pre Rocksteady Patch


  • Fixed an issue where characters were able to perform an Item Swing attack instead of a normal Get Up Attack while Down if they were holding a swingable item, this happened most commonly with Grandma Gertie, but was fixed for all characters.


Special Neutral

  • Fixed the air stalling being consumed when performed on the ground

Charge Air Down

  • Removed Slime multipliers


Special Neutral

  • Fixed the air stalling being consumed when performed on the ground

Special Down

  • There was an issue where if Patrick successfully landed a Slime Special Down, Slime Attack properties would be retained every time Patrick performed a Special Down from there on, even if it was not using slime, this was fixed.


Charge Air Down Land

  • Fixed an issue where the collision did not reset properly


Light Air Up

  • BlockStun decreased: (8 → 6)

Special Neutral Air

  • Added landing lag frames from 0 to 12

Special Down Air

  • Fixed an issue where Aang Special Down End state would cancel on land making it really safe on block.



  • Increase the size of lower grab box to affect small characters


  • Fixed a bug where Danny’s collision detection would offset after performing his Ultimate.
  • Slime Meter gain across all his attacks decreased by 20%

Light Neutral

  • Hitboxes adjusted

Light Air Back

  • Reduced the momentum retained after canceling the start up into other attacks.

Light Air Neutral

  • Reduced Blockstun on Sweetspot (7 → 5) and sourspot (5 → 3)

Special Neutral

  • Punch hitbox reduced blockstun (12 → 7)

Charge Air Forward

  • Reduced the recovery cancel window on hit


Special Neutral

  • Fixed an issue where players could loop Special Up followed by Special Neutral indefinitely.


Charge Air Up and Charge Air Up Explosion

  • Hitlag decreased on block: (10 → 3)


  • Increased the Knockback received
  • Reduced stamina on Slime version


  • Fixed an issue where Rocko became unable to turn around Spunky after the Jackhammer despawned.


Special Up

  • Fixed an issue where Jimmy could perform 2 Special Up if the first one was on the ground.

Light Neutral and Light Air Neutral

  • Adjusted hitboxes to better match visuals
  • Fixed hitbox blindspots on aerial and walking states.

Light Up

  • Implemented as multihit
  • KnockbackGain decreased: (15.5 → 14.5)
  • BlockPush decreased: (0.6 → 0.2)
  • Hitlag decreased on hit: (9 → 6)
  • Hitlag decreased on block: (9 → 6)
  • Damage decreased: (8 → 3)
  • BlockDamage decreased: (8 → 3)
  • Increase the effect of DI on launch

Charge Air Up

  • KnockbackGain decreased: (17.5 → 16)

Light Forward Sweetspot

  • BlockPush decreased: (1.5 → 0.7)

Light Forward

  • BlockPush decreased: (1.2 → 0.3)

Charge Air Down

  • Hitbox size reduced


  • Fixed Right Stick input detection while using Goddard so it properly performs an action depending on the direction the stick was pressed.


Special Forward

  • Fixed an issue where Gerald was able to immediately perform grounded moves when landing during skateboard

Charge Air Up Finisher

  • KnockbackGain decreased: (16.8 → 15.8)/span>

Grab Throw Up

  • KnockbackGain increased: (14 → 16)/span>
  • Total frames increased from 50 frames to 64 frames./span>

Light Air Up

  • Multihit hitstun frames are now set to a maximum of 18./span>

Light Up

  • Added intangibility to Head hurtboxes/span>

El Tigre

Special Neutral

  • BlockStun decreased: (6 → 4)


Light Forward Front

  • BaseKnockback increased: (6.55 → 10)
  • Angle changed: (47° → 80°)

Special Down

  • Reworked Slime Attack: now shoots a bigger single projectile diagonally downwards

Special Forward

  • Reworked Slime Attack: no longer shoots projectiles, increased startup, greatly increased damage, knockback and block damage

Special Up

  • Fixed an issue where Jenny was able to land on the edge while going upwards, this lead to a bug where she was unable to perform Special Up again, this has been fixed as well


Charge Forward Ghost

  • BlockStun decreased: (4 → 2)
  • Hitlag decreased on block: (5 → 1)
  • Damage decreased: (13 → 9)
  • BlockDamage decreased: (13 → 9)
  • Total Frames increased from 48 to 56
  • Can act as soon as frame 14 on hit


Charge Forward

  • Improved multihit consistency


Charge Air Forward

  • Limited to 1 per air time


Grab Throw Down

  • Angle changed from -30° to 115°


Special Down

  • Increased minimum hitstun

Special Forward

  • Fixed an issue where the down throw follow up always caused burn effect


Light Air Neutral

  • Fixed an issue where some hitboxes were reflecting projectiles which was not intended.

Mr. Krabs

  • General Speed at Level 1 increased
  • General Speed at Level 3 decreased


  • Start up decreased

Light Air Forward

  • VFX adjusted

Light Air Back Strong

  • KnockbackGain increased: (14.2 → 17)
  • Hitlag increased on hit: (11 → 13)
  • Hitlag decreased on block: (9 → 8)

Light Air Back Weak

  • BaseKnockback increased: (14.5 → 15)
  • KnockbackGain increased: (10.2 → 15.5)
  • Hitlag increased on hit: (7 → 8)

Light Air Neutral

  • Added Intangibility on the claw hurtbox

Light Down

  • Added Intangibility on the claw hurtbox

Light Up

  • Added Intangibility on the claw hurtbox

Charge Down

  • Added Intangibility on the claw hurtbox

Charge Up

  • KnockbackGain increased on finisher: (15.5 → 17.8)

Special Forward

  • Can no longer perform follow ups on Block


  • Fixed an issue where Zuko would get stuck in tumble longer than other characters after being block pushed

Light Neutral

  • Improved consistency between hits

Light Forward

  • Improved consistency between hits

Special Air Neutral

  • Fixed a bug where hitboxes would deactivate during the aerial Slime version of the attack.

Light Air Up

  • Fixed an issue where Light Air Up was reflecting projectiles which was not intended.
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